Kerem Altiparmak, Turkey’s prominent human rights defender and academic, said ” European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) wants the domestic remedies to be extended in order to prevent the applications from piling up before the court” at a seminar on human rights organized by the Human Rights Association (IHD). The academic and rights defender stated that the workload of the ECHR has significantly increased after the state of emrgency was declared in Turkey and the Court avoids examining the files. To stop the flow of applications, the Court turned down the applications referring to the “State of Emergency Commission”.  Also “The Court is bargaining with the judicial bodies in Turkey before ruling on the cases. The recent verdicts of the Turkish Supreme Court on the Article 141 of the Turkish Criminal Code prove this” argued Altiparmak.

He also argued that people do not have sufficient knowledge of application procedure to the ECHR. “Information Offices should be established for those who want to apply to the ECHR” he said.

Altiparmak also reminded that they applied to the ECHR on behalf of the Academics for Peace but the Court rejected the case without referring to any legal reasoning.

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