About Us

Platform for Peace and Justice (PPJ) is a platform that monitors and reports the developments in the fields of peace, justice, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, with a special focus on Turkey.

PPJ is currently an online intellectual medium undertaking its work by generating and disseminating news, articles, op-eds, and reports as well as by organizing activities and initiating campaigns.

PPJ is an initiative of a group of dedicated scholars, lawyers, journalists and civil society activists.

PPJ’s work is primarily based on democratic and human rights principles enshrined in the international human rights instruments and understood through the prism of the European best practices.

PPJ strongly believes that a worldwide peace and justice can only be achieved through the advancement of these values and principles across the borders.


PPJ aims to promote peace, justice, democracy, the rule of law and human rights in the world, particularly in Turkey, through;

  • raising awareness and sensibility for upholding these values and principles,
  • monitoring and reporting human rights violations,
  • generating and diffusing knowledge on conducive policies and practices,
  • defending basic human rights and democratic principles against infringements,
  • campaigning against human rights violations affecting individuals and groups,
  • serving as a common and open platform for advocating human rights and democratic principles,
  • strengthening respect for human dignity and civil right consciousness,
  • encouraging good policies and practices for building peace among people and nations.


PPJ’s vision is to become a prominent civil society organization for defending and fostering universal democratic and human rights principles in Europe striving for peace and justice for all.


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