A Turkish family of five allegedly drowned in Aegean Sea as they were trying to flee from the repression of the regime of Turkey’s autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Greek island Lesvos.

The sources told that the relatives of Maden Family in Turkey’s Samsun province have not heard from them for several days. So, it was later announced that the bodies belong to the 5 members of Maden family. (Huseyin Maden, his wife Nur Maden, and the couple’s children Nadire Maden, Bahar Maden and Feridun Maden)

Many people tried to escape from Turkey via illegal ways as Turkish government canceled their passports like thousands of others. Erdogan regime’s persecution targeting the alleged members of the Gulen Movement.

Huseyin Maden was working as a Physics teacher in government schools but after 15th July a controversial military coup attempt, he has been dismissed from his job. He was one of the many thousands of people in Turkey caught in the machinery of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s massive purge. Later the Turkish prosecutor’s office has opened a case against him and his wife for suspecting them being the sympathizers of Gulen Movement. The couple worried that if they are arrested by the security forces, their children will be left alone. So, they decided to away from their native town and they spent a year in very difficult situation. During this miserable year, the security forces investigated their home several times.

The desperate father worked as a labor to survive with his family. They lost everything they owned. He decided to flee to Greek under these circumstances. The family had decided to make the treacherous journey across Greek to Europe in the hope of their freedom.

As his friends reported that he was not able to buy a new boat however we supported him to buy an old one.  His friend who supported  Maden family told the last night of the family with deep sorrows. “ We could not sleep until sun rise. I was asleep for a short while. Few minutes later Huseyin warned me to wake up. That night he told me that “I bought this shirt and trousers for 10 Turkish Lira from a second hand cloth seller. “While I was saying goodbye to them, he showed me his all belongings in this world. That was a plastic shopping bag. I could not stop tears from my eyes.

They started their last journey. His last message to his father was: “we have seen the city lights and we are very close to the island.“ 20 days passed with full of sadness and worries but they got no replays to the phone calls. Later they have learnt that whole family drowned in the sea tragically with their dreams.

The News about successful teacher Huseyin Maden is still on the Ministry`s official web site. “TUBITAK 4006 Science Fair, conducted successfully by Our Physics Teacher Huseyin Maden and his students as a result of their self-giving works.“

According the statements made by Huseyin Maden`s friends, he was struggling with severe health problems even though he was 40 years old. He had repeatedly operated on the kidney and liver. As a result, his family and himself were worried about his life if he was arrested. There was also a separate investigation about his wife and it was not acceptable for the three children to be separated from both their mother and father.

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