From the Editor

Platform for Peace and Justice (PPJ) is an online platform that monitors and reports the developments in the fields of peace, justice, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, with a special focus on Turkey. The need for initiatives dedicated to safeguarding and promoting such principles and values has become more significant and pressing than ever in Turkey. Once an admirable country successfully launched accession negotiations to EU with considerable support from its people and EU member states, Turkey has been unfortunately sliding back from this promising track to a more autocratic and repressive one for several years.

Platform for Peace and Justice (PPJ) has thus been introduced as a modest attempt to contribute to restoring the belief and commitment for peace, justice, democracy, rule of law, human rights and to monitoring and reporting violations in this regard with a special focus on Turkey. PPJ intends to add its voice in defence of democratic values and human rights particularly at this critical time where our democracies are facing real and wide-ranging threats from authoritarian and corrupt coalitions.

PPJ aims to bring together the relevant knowledge, expertise and experience through establishing a network of insightful politicians, academics, journalists, experts, activists, volunteers and advocates in different fields and shed fresh light on what is happening around us and what can be done for decent human life and democracy everywhere and for all. Needless to reiterate that peaceful societies and justice are both indispensable elements and outcomes strongly based on the respect for human rights and democracy.

It is PPJ’s firm belief that all of us working for the cause of peace, democracy, justice and human rights put our differences aside and focus on our common values through genuine dialogue. Hence, all thoughtful defenders of peace, democracy and human dignity all over the world, you are all invited and extremely welcome to contribute to PPJ. Please reach us via

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