The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany overturned a decision given by a court ordering the deportation of an individual convicted of  supporting a “terrorist organization”.  According to Reuters News Agency, the 30 year-old man allegedly went to Syria with his wife and children in 2013 to support a militia group. After his return to Germany, he transferred money to an account related to Islamic State, the court ruling stated.

Although he was sentenced to three years and six months in prison by the court, the immigration authorities ordered his immediate deportation to Turkey. However the Supreme Court said “It is constitutionally necessary for responsible authorities and courts to be informed about the conditions in a destination country before a deportation,”. The court halted the process of deportation and urged authorities to first ensure the convicted will not face torture and mistreatment in Turkey.

Torture and ill treatment in detention centers of Turkey have become commonplace following the controversial coup attempt. Human Rights Watch documented cases of people who have been tortured, mistreated or abducted by the government forces.

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