PPJ- 28 January 2018

In the light of recent developments, European politicians who closely observe Turkey have been discussing the prioritization of economy over values. While some argue that economic relations must play role of anchor with Turkey even though political failure leads the country in conflict with the Union. On the other hand, some prominent politicians criticize pragmatist approach of the EU leadership while Turkey’s descent into lack of rule of law is obvious.

Kati Piri, the European Parliament Turkey Rapporteur, made interesting statements to online news platform AHVAL. Piri said that renewing Customs Union might have been a technical debate if it were discussed a few years ago. Now, Piri stressed, it is very much about the failure of the the rule of law and judicial independence. Hence, for a better Customs Union, the EU needs to make sure that some positive signals must come from the Turkish side to make possible the Customs Union Renewal.

Cem Ozdemir, co-chair of the German political party Alliance ’90/The Greens, is another European politician who expressed his frustration against the lack of loyalty to the European values on the part of some European politicians. Ozdemir criticized German FM Gabriel over his remark linking arm trade to journalist Deniz Yucel’s release. According to Ozdemir, this kind of populist policies is betrayal to Turkey’s genuine democrats.

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